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Edison Research released their annual Infinite Dial study which included 2018 podcast statistics. Unsurprisingly, the research shows that 64% of Americans surveyed have heard of podcasts with 44% saying they have tuned into one. In the last year, the amount of Americans listening to podcasts monthly rose from 24 to 26%. The trend of podcasts is one to likely continue.

Offering both education and entertainment, history podcasts take the win! While there are many different podcasts to mention, this list of history podcasts has been limited to five below.


The New York Public Library Podcast

Just from reading the name of this podcast, listeners should have a strong idea of what to expect when tuning in. The NY public library brings together America’s top writers, thinkers, and artists for in-depth and provocative discussions about American culture and its influencers.


You Must Remember This

The concept to this podcast is quite appealing in itself: it focuses on long-forgotten secrets and histories into Hollywood’s first century. Typically found in the Top 100 podcasts in iTunes, this history podcast is extensively researched and informative. Writer, narrator, and editor, Karina Longworth delivers compelling episodes all from the comfort of her home.


Hardcore History

For the length and amount of detail alone, this podcast has to be mentioned. Ranging from four to six hours an episode, this lecture-style podcast was designed to appeal to history fanatics. If you are looking for a deep-dive into specific events and eras, check out this Dan Carlin podcast. (Also, the cover art is cool.)


Stuff You Missed In History Class

It’s okay. We all made a few poor choices in school, including doodling and daydreaming. As adolescence wears away, you may find yourself interested in learning about historical subjects that didn’t interest you years back. Hosts Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey offer a unique and informative look at the past, as well as how it influences life today.


The Story

Although it only has one season at this time, The Story is sure to provide heart-warming and motivational stories again and again. Each episode is packed full with fascinating insights and untold backstories of 12 women who changed the world. Feel free to dive in now; seasons two and three are on the way.


Jorge J. Perez is an attorney in South Florida. He is a self-professed history buff. Visit often to learn more.