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Jorge J. Perez Attorney

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About Jorge J. Perez Attorney

Jorge J. Perez is an attorney residing in Florida. He attended the University of Miami for his undergraduate studies and then the University of Florida for law school.


He is a proud Gatorcane and roots for whichever school is winning at the moment. Florida-based attorney Jorge J. Perez enjoys history, reading in general, walking (but not too fast), and fine dining, preferably at someone else’s expense. But seriously, he is a “foodie,” as that term is now a word.


Many of Jorge’s favorite restaurants include those offering the delicacies from his Cuban birthplace. Restaurants in South Florida such as Havana Harry’s, La Carreta, and Sergio’s are among his favorites. He gives them all five “estrellas” as they represent the very best of Cuban dining, which is delicious, plentiful, and inexpensive. And low fat, too!


Among his hobbies, particularly his choice of reading materials, is history. If one could obtain a PhD in History Buff, he would have several—although a real PhD in History would be impressive but expensive.


Much of his knowledge of history is self-taught. In an interesting irony, he took the Advanced Placement tests for both American and European History while in high school, achieving scores of five on both. This was all the more remarkable given that the high school he attended didn’t even have a European History class. Continuing the irony, he majored in Finance in college but received so many college credits from his AP test grades that he did not take any history courses despite his love of the subject.


Among attorney Jorge J. Perez’ favorite eras of history is the ancient Roman world, both the Republic and the subsequent Empire. Jorge agrees, as some historians have noted, that in many ways Rome was the first modern nation state, in its multi-tiered sophistication and great complexity.


Florida attorney Jorge J. Perez also loves to travel. He has visited every major continent except Australia. His favorite destination is Spain, which he has visited seven times. Each visit was to a new region of Spain. It felt like visiting another country, given the wonderful diversity in culture, food, architecture, music, and even language (or dialects, more accurately) from one region to the next. Jorge’s grandparents were born in Spain, migrating to Cuba in the 1920s, thus his connection to Espana is also a deep, personal one.


Other favorite destinations include the great cities of Europe, such as Paris and London as well as east Asia, such as Hong Kong and Tokyo. 


There are many more fascinating aspects of attorney Jorge J. Perez, but those will come later.


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